Price list

Your case is important and it takes time to find a solution  – it depends on what you have collected in your Life’s Baggage. Perhaps you are stuck so we need to contact authorities, companies and look for the right person?

We do the work together with you – so it may be good to put off 2-4 hours where we go through everything that will work for you. We will make plan with you.

Sometimes counceling may take several weeks or months – it’s a trip we do together.

To give you best advice we need to get paid. We are flexible for you to afford us and get the best service.

Letter Writing

A regular letter is nothing we do in 5 minutes. It needs your input and it needs insights from different competencies to make the best resultsl. We also write all letters together with you. It is usually not something we do ourselves – it is a cooperation.

The price applies not only to letter writing. In one morning, we will maybe produce 3-5 letters together. It depends on what you want and what you need. The entire writing process can normally take 2-4 hours.

Therefore, you should expect that it may take between 1 500 – 3 000 SEK. And we may not be clear just that day – so you have to come back. Everything can happen in a hectic everyday life.

Consulting and counseling

Getting advice is not easy and there are many quacks that provide cheap advice. With us, you do not get cheap advice – but help to get you on feet if you’re in a tricky situation, or maybe just need to orient yourself in society to solve your problem. We try to find good solutions together you. This means that we help you get on when you get stuck. We collaborate and sit down in peace and quiet and review the details and find the best possible solution. Without hiding something for each other, new horizons are opened and the help you need can come unexpectedly.

We listen to you – and engage us for your cause. And counseling can also involve letter writing, as mentioned above. It is included.

You can expect that a simple consultation takes at least one morning or perhaps an afternoon. Count 2-3 hours. We will realize that a solution often needs more time, so spending some mornings, maybe several days where we review the pros and cons, opportunities and threats that can affect you and your goal, can be necessary. We document the process and work and you get the information you need in time. It may be that we need to meet several times for several months before receiving a response. Perhaps we have to wait for decisions from others – then your case may be delayed. It’s not uncommon for things to take several years. We can help you throughout the process.

What can it cost? We are flexible. And the help you get can be worth a lot of money. Together, we set up a payment plan that suits you.

If it’s simple advice that takes a day or two, the price can be 1 500 – 3 000 kr. If it’s complex stuff, we’ll decide together if the work is worth it. Issues that last for several months or years have their own price.

If we see that the counseling is demanding, we need payment in advance. This is something we agree on.