Counseling services

Do you need fresh advice and ideas to reach your goal? Or are you worried and do not know how to proceed on the matter? Then just contact us.

Together we will try to find the option that is best for you.

We write down and document what you want and find solutions. Often simple solutions can be the best, but we are not afraid of complicated problems either.

Contact us – we will set up a time for a first meeting. We look forward to see you!

Språksmed (your language forger) has expertise in a variety of areas of life. This may involve social orientation, integration work, community life, how to contact authorities and businesses, business complaints, complaints, sales, school work, certificates, contact with lawyers and attorneys, contact with the district court or municipal and state authorities and more.

How do you know you’ve got a good advice?

A good advice should be felt in the heart. If you are satisfied we are satisfied. But – be aware for complex matters that take time: it is not relevant to take the win in advance. There may be issues that may arise and we will start working on the case again. Starting from zero.

What warranties do I have?

You can be confident that the advice we give under normal circumstances is the best for you. As we interview you and do the work together, we build a relationship that ensures that your advice is the best option. If during the work you find that the advice you receive from Språksmed (your language forger) does not feel right or does not give you the correct answer, we cancel the cooperation.

What happens if you get wrong advice? 

Språksmed (your language forger) always tries to ensure that the advice and suggestions we give you will provide the best possible solution. We have nothing to hide – and the truth is that there is no guarantee in the world that someone’s advice is always flawless. As we look into several areas, and in cooperation with you, we go through all the details carefully together, so it usually goes well. We provide advice that you can handle and trust – but we also provide you with tasks that you need to solve yourself. It’s a interplay. And how do we make sure you understand the advice we give you? We take responsibility – and we trust you take responsibility.

If the advice was wrong, it may be due to several factors:

  • Language fellow received too little information or time to handle the case
  • Companies, municipalities or government agencies changed their terms
  • Customer’s preconceived ideas – If you do not trust us, the advice you get or our advice will not work

What are your commitments?

Advising and consulting is an art. When we make a recommendation together with you, we trust that you are doing your part. Perhaps you yourself have to produce papers, certificates, confirmations, materials that is needed to help you the best we can? If you do not do your “home work”? How then can we then help you? Getting help and advice requires efforts from your side. And if you’re willing to do that, then the future is ours and there should be a great honour to work with you.